Hands and Feet 

Opi Avoplex Nourishing Manicure                                                     £18 

File and Re-varnish                                                                         £8 

Mini Manicure  (file, cuticle tidy, buff)                                              £10

Pedicure                                                                                        £21.50

File and Re-varnish for Feet                                                             £8


A revolutionary new product for the natural nail.
Instant drying, high shine, resilient colour that remains flawless for two weeks and removes in just 10 minutes.  Goes on like polish, last like a gel. 

Shellac Application Hands or Feet  (includes file and cuticle tidy)       £22.50 


This nail wrapping treatment is the ultimate style statement. Whether you are looking for sublime sophistication or you want to rock it out, N'applique has the nail wrap for a unique, individual style.

N'applique Application Hands or Feet                                              £15 

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